Hydrography Committee

Final reportThe committee was sunset 3/22/17. A new LiDAR/Hydro committee is being considered.

The Hydrography Committee existed to promote the consistent development of hydrography data and to enable data exchange through coordination, cooperation and standards development.

Work plan

  • Plan for an integrated approach to statewide hydrography data management
  • Plan for implementation, use and maintenance of the framework
    • Refine roles and responsibilities
    • Implement MN NHD data update process
    • Implement event creation and maintenance process
    • Foster development and sharing of applications and tools
    • Integrate DNR 24K hydrography data improvements into MN NHD (2008 EPA Grant)
  • Plan for future maintenance and stewardship of Minnesota Watershed Boundaries
  • Continue Phase 1 wetlands mapping activity and maintenance strategy
  • Continue development of storm water mapping guidance

Committee activity reports and meeting minutes

  • Committee activity reports:  See the Committee Reports webpage for activities from 2006 - 2009. Committee status report, Nov. 12, 2012 (p. 8)
  • Committee meeting minutes:  Click on a meeting date to view the minutes for that meeting.
    Scroll through the list for older meeting dates that are not displayed (minutes for a number of meetings are not available).

Publications and links

  • Watershed Standard:  Use this standard for designating watersheds in Minnesota.
  • Reach/Watercourse Standard:  Use this standard for designating rivers, streams, and ditches in GIS and other data applications.
  • Basin Standard:  Use this standard for designating lakes and wetlands in GIS and other data applications.

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