About this site

Extent: HTML page
Description: Provides details regarding the open source content management system running this site
Date: April 26, 2005
Subject(s): Information technology
Creator(s): Minnesota Department of Administration. Geographic and Demographic Analysis Division.
Publisher: Minnesota Department of Administration
Contact: Andrew Koebrick, 651-201-2465; Web Coordinator / Librarian

Whenever possible, this web site uses free and Open Source software as a cost effective solution to providing government services:

The backbone of this site's architecture is a locally developed Document/Content Management System which conforms to the Dublin Core Metadata Standards and used the Legislative Indexing Vocabulary as a controlled vocabulary. This system allows users to use web forms to create high-quality metadata records for resources. These records are then used to display resources on appropriate pages based upon object attributes (i.e. Subject, Creator, Type...).

The system includes a workflow management system: once a resource is created by a staff member, it must be formally published to the public web site by an "Approver" with the appropriate password.

Screen shots of the metadata / content management system:

  • Resource creation/editing form: All resources on the system are cataloged using this Dublin Core cataloging tool. Depending on which resource type is selected, the form automatically redraws to show only the required fields
  • Resource creation/editing form example 2: An example of the briefest record type, the citation. Datasets, maps, and report are demand substantially more information.
  • Content editing: A WYSIWYG editor is provided so that content creators can create complex pages without knowing HTML.
  • Review queue: All unpublished items sit in this list awaiting action of the "Approver" associated with that resource.
  • Review item: All resources can be viewed prior to being published to ensure quality.
  • Subject management: All resources must be classified with a primary subject and optionally one or more secondary subjects. Users select subjects from dropdown menus in the content creation forms. Administrators control these vocabularies using a password protected form.

For more information regarding this site, contact Andrew Koebrick (andrew.koebrick@state.mn.us)