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Minnesota electric transmission lines and substations, 60kV or larger, 2007

View: Minnesota electric transmission lines and substations, 60kV or larger, 2007--Viewing/downloading notes
Extent: 1 M, 32x41 print size, PDF
Description: Map showing locations for power lines and substations
Date: June 27, 2008
Subject(s): Environmental policy; Electric power transmission
Creator(s): Minnesota Environmental Quality Board; Minnesota Department of Administration. Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis. Land Management Information Center
Contributor: Minnesota Department of Commerce; Office of Energy Security
Publisher: Minnesota Department of Administration
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The Minnesota Electric Transmission Mapping Project has developed two geographic information system data sets, electric transmission lines and substations, that have been used to make a statewide map. The electric transmission network information consists of transmission lines, with associated substations, designed to handle 60 Kilovolts or greater.

Each utility company was mailed a request for the facility information which they could provide in either digital or paper form. The responses varied significantly in quality and quantity. In addition, the companies expressed concerns about providing the information because of security concerns. Map users are strongly encouraged to read the data quality section of the dataset documentation at . The dataset was last updated in 2007 -- most changes were to improve the positional accuracy of lines and substations from the 2003 dataset, and several new lines were added in the southern and western areas of the state.

The Minnesota Electric Transmission Mapping Project is a collaborative effort between the Environmental Quality Board and the Land Management Information Center (both part of the Minnesota Department of Administration) and the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

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