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School district maps

View: School district maps
Extent: print size: 34 x 42 in, 700K to 1.5M, PDF 5.0
Description: Large format maps of individual school districts
Date: September 26, 2005
Subject(s): Education; Boundaries; Children; Maps; Schools; School districts; Public schools
Creator(s): Minnesota Department of Administration; Minnesota Department of Administration. Land Management Information Center
Publisher: Land Management Information Center
Contact: ,
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Prepared for each public school district in the state, these maps show public school attendance areas and most school building locations. They are products from an ongoing effort by the Minnesota Department of Education, MnGeo(formerly LMIC) and Minnesota's public school districts to maintain school attendance area boundaries and school facility locations.

Note The school district boundaries appearing on these maps do not necessarily represent the official boundaries as defined by county tax records. Although they were derived from maps prepared by each county assessor in the state in the late 1980s, their boundaries were modified by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to match 1990 (and later) census geography. The Bureau's boundaries are updated yearly to take into account district consolidations or splits. This work is performed by the Minnesota Legislative Coordinating Commission Subcommittee on Geographic Information Systems. Each year, the Minnesota Department of Education changes school district boundaries based on school district review. Questions regarding the exact boundary of a school district should be directed to the assessor's office of the county the boundary falls within.

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