Geocoding Workgroup

The Geocoding Workgroup was tasked with recommending an “approved state geocode model”, likely in the form of a service that would enable the translation of addresses or intersections into points on a map. A statewide geocoding function has been identified as one of several strategic investments for MnGeo (Final Program Design Report, sections 4.9, 5.2.3, and 6.2). The workgroup, formed May 2010, worked on addressing this need, building on the findings of the MetroGIS Geocoder Project.


Workgroup co-chairs

Mike Dolbow, GIS Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 651-201-6497,

Kent Treichel, Research Analyst, Minnesota Department of Revenue, 651-556-6150,

FY2011 Workplan

The basic milestones below were developed with a goal to create a report and presentation of findings to the MnGeo Statewide and State Government Geospatial Advisory Councils at the end of the fiscal year.

Milestone / Task Anticipated Date Date Finished
  Basic project plan (these milestones) 6/30/10 10/1/10
  Identification of State geocoding business needs 7/16/10 10/1/10
  Identification of standards or guidelines 10/12/10 10/11/10
  Identification of geocoding service(s) requirements 8/2/10 11/24/10
  Identification of potential benefits 8/9/10 11/24/10
  Issue RFI for potential geocoding solutions 1/31/11  
  Identification of existing state costs for solution or data 2/28/11  
  Identification of desired support dataset characteristics 3/15/11  
  Identification and assessment of available support dataset(s) 4/30/11  
  Recommendation for services to be developed or acquired 6/1/11  
  Development of recommendations for follow-on projects 6/30/11  
  Generation of "Report of Findings" 7/31/11  
  Presentation of findings (MnGeo council meetings) 8/31/11  


Meeting Schedule

  • The full workgroup conducted most of its business via email. A small work team met on a regular basis to develop proposals for the full workgroup to consider. Findings were presented at the Statewide and State Government Geospatial Advisory Council meetings. For more information, please contact the workgroup co-chairs.

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