GIS Project Services

If you are a State agency that needs help harnessing the power of GIS to accomplish your organization's goals, let us know.  MnGeo can help assess your needs and design and implement creative solutions for your programs and projects that benefit Minnesota.

How We Can Help
  • GIS requirements analysis and needs assessment
    Does your agency or program need to enter the world of geographic information analysis, or increase your capacity, but you do not know where to start? MnGeo's Project Services team can inventory your needs and design solutions that will allow your organization to harvest the power of spatial analysis.

    Whether you need a single desktop computer running free Open Source software, or an entire server room outfitted with multiple instances of ESRI software and Oracle databases, we can help you identify the tools that will meet your needs!

  • Database design consultation, development and implementation
    From simple desktop applications to complex server configurations, MnGeo's staff has experience building and maintaining systems using Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, and other database management systems.
  • GIS application design, development and implementation
    MnGeo can deliver turn-key GIS and mapping solutions that don't require you to become a GIS expert. Our analysts will work with you to customize web-based or desktop mapping and spatial analysis tools that meet your needs. And if your needs can best be met through hosted or distributed server solutions, we can help you with that as well.
  • Digital cartographic production  
    We are experts in designing and producing specialized maps that support state programs. The online and print cartographic products created by MnGeo can be depended upon to be accurate and informative.
  • Web content management and design
    We can build dynamic and attractive web mapping solutions for your agency's programs. And even if you need a simple online calendar, complex survey, or workflow management solution for a regulatory process, we have the tools ready to go! Our secure servers are hosted by MN.IT Services.

Project Portfolio

With staff that has helped State agencies benefit from GIS technology for more than thirty years, MnGeo has successfully completed more projects than can be featured here. But take a look at some of our work that demonstrates what we can do for you: telecommunications map
  • Mapping telephone exchange areas: A view of all the state’s telephone exchanges has been valued by telecommunication businesses since we first created it in 1996.
  • Child care food aid eligibility: In 1997, new rules for a federal aid program gave the Department of Children, Families & Learning, now the Department of Education) less than three months to determine which Minnesota child care homes were located in areas of high need, qualifying them for reimbursement for the food they serve.
  • Oak wilt: We created large maps of more than 100 cities and townships to help communities monitor and fight this fast-spreading disease.
  • Minnesota's original public land survey maps: Minnesota's survey plat maps and field notes, created between 1848-1907, are available online to view and download.
Contact MnGeo to learn how we can help you meet your goals!

All MnGeo projects are conducted on a time and material basis, based upon terms and conditions specified in agreements before a project begins. Hourly rates are established following procedures established by the State of Minnesota and are periodically reviewed and adjusted to reflect actual operating costs. Contact MnGeo for more information.