Aerial Photography of Minnesota - Regional Sources

Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities


The Metropolitan Council has licensed spring 2005 aerial photography of the 7-county Twin Cities metropolitan area from Markhurd, Inc. The leaf-off photos were acquired in April 2005 with a digital camera at approximately 20,000 feet at 2 foot resolution. Color, color-infrared and black-and-white DOQs in MrSID format on DVDs are available to MetroGIS participants only upon completion of a 2005 DOQ license agreement. MetroGIS participants include: all cities, townships, school districts, watershed districts, and counties in the Metropolitan Area; regional and state agencies; federal government agencies with geospatial activities within the Metropolitan Area; and any Minnesota academic institution of higher learning. These are MrSID Generation 3 files -- ArcView 3.x users, see MrSID help page if you have trouble viewing them.


2000 and 1997

The Twin Cities Metropolitan Council contracted aerial photography of the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area in 1997 and 2000, using NAPP photography specifications and following 1991-92 USGS NAPP flight lines. Digital orthophotographs were created from this photography at a resolution of 0.6 meters. DOQs are available by contacting the councilís Regional Data Center at or 651-602-1140. For more information, see the documentation for 1997 and 2000.

Counties and Cities

A number of counties and cities, especially in urban and growing areas, have contracted for aerial photography. Some local governments sell copies of the photos. Depending on the county or city, the photos might be at the County Surveyor, Assessor, Planning and Zoning or Environmental Services offices. The following starting points may help you locate these photos:

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