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Ground Water Web Applications

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This webpage contains links to online interactive applications related to ground water. Some of the applications allow the user to download non-GIS ground water data (for downloadable GIS ground water data click the "GIS Data" link above). The page is organized by geographic scope:


DNR Waters
  • Ground Water Level Data: Obwells
    Hydrographs, well descriptions and water level data for each well in the Ground Water Level Observation Well (Obwell) Database.
  • Watershed Assessment Tool
    Tool to describe, quantify and compare watershed health based on five components: Hydrology, Connectivity, Biology, Geomorphology, and Water Quality. Within these components are ground water data layers such as well index, water use permits, potential contaminant sites, superfund sites, ground water recharge, and karst features.



  • County Well Index (CWI) Online (MGS, MDH)
    Interactive map of water-well information such as location, depth and static water level. It also includes data on Wellhead Protection Areas and Special Well Construction Areas.
  • Source Water Protection Web Mapping Application (MDA, MDH)
    Basic information about the sources of drinking water and the probability that they may be impacted by potential contamination sources. Includes source water assessments, wellhead protection areas, drinking water supply management areas and wellhead protection vulnerability.


  • USGS Ground-Water Data for Minnesota
    The National Water Information System's Minnesota data includes real-time, daily, monthly and annual statistics for selected wells in addition to manual field water-level measurements for over 90,000 wells.
  • Minnesota Active Water Level Network
    Water levels and other information from wells that have been measured by the USGS or its cooperators at least once within the past 365 days.



Twin Cities (Met Council)
  • Make-A-Map
    Interactive mapping tool that includes ground water data layers.


  • MyEnvironment
    Find environmental information based on a location entered as an address, zip, city, county or place name. Groundwater-related information includes: water conditions, drinking water sources and status, pollutant levels at monitoring stations, new/expiring facility permits, superfund sites, brownfields, hazardous waste sites and community cleanups.
  • EnviroMapper
    Interactively use maps and aerial photos to locate EPA-regulated facilities that may contribute to groundwater contamination.

Information Source Abbreviations

DNR = Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (followed by the division name, e.g., "Waters" for "Division of Waters")
EPA = United States Environmental Protection Agency
EQB = Minnesota Environmental Quality Board
MDA = Minnesota Department of Agriculture
MDH = Minnesota Department of Health
Met Council = Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities
MPCA = Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
USGS = United States Geological Survey


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