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Ground Water GIS Data for Minnesota

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This webpage contains links to downloadable ground water GIS data for Minnesota. The data is usually accompanied by a report or project on ground water or geology but may be standalone. The page is organized by geographic scope:


  • Hydrogeologic Maps of Minnesota (MGS, LMIC)
    These maps are part of the MGS "State Map" series; scales are 1:500,000 to 1:1 million.
  • Ground Water Provinces (DNR Waters)
    Minnesota has been divided into six ground water provinces based on bedrock and glacial geology that influence ground water availability.
  • County Well Index -- Well Location Points (MGS)
    Points have been field-verified and digitized or GPS'd.
  • Source Water Protection Maps and Geospatial Data (MDH)
    Wellhead protection maps, nitrate probability maps and reports, and geospatial data for topics such as class 5 sensitivity, drinking water supply management areas and their vulnerability, emergency response areas, source water assessment areas, and wellhead protection areas.
  • Ground Water Contamination Susceptibility in Minnesota (MPCA, LMIC)
    A generalized interpretation of ground water contamination susceptibility for the state, based on modeling using data inputs from 40-acre gridcell soil and geology data, with additional geology inputs (note: DNR has posted instructions for estimating sensitivity at a more localized level).
  • Water Use - Water Appropriations Permit Program (DNR Waters)
    Water use permit information reports, location map and shapefiles of water appropriation installation locations.
  • Minnesota Spring Inventory (DNR)
    The project is creating a database and online map of spring locations.


Selected Counties

Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Southeastern Minnesota

Fargo-Moorhead Region

Information Source Abbreviations

DNR = Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (followed by the division name, e.g., "Waters" for "Division of Waters")
LMIC = Land Management Information Center (now MnGeo)
MDH = Minnesota Department of Health
Met Council = Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities
MGS = Minnesota Geological Survey
MPCA = Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

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