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Why create metadata?

Metadata guidelines

metadata logo Learn about the Powered by Metadata symbol and metadata standards used by Minnesota government


  • Minnesota Metadata Editor (MME): A free standalone tool customized for the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines.
  • ArcGIS:
    • Versions 8 & 9:  Download the MGMG Editor to customize ArcCatalog, the metadata portion of ESRI's ArcGIS software, to include the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines.
    • Version 10:  No MGMG Editor is available, since metadata is handled very differently in v. 10, and is a moving target.
      Instead, see the standalone Minnesota Metadata Editor tool above.
  • DataLogr 2.11c: Download a free copy of this program to help you create metadata consistent with the state's Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines. Works with all versions of Windows, including Windows 7. Being replaced with MME above.
  • Evaluations of metadata entry tools that use the federal standard:
    Wisconsin Land Information Clearinghouse
    - Federal Geographic Data Committee

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Metadata workshop training materials

Don't Duck Metadata ducky mascot Minnesota materials: MnGeo's "Don't Duck Metadata" workshop slideshow (58 slides, 2.2 MB, PPTX). Topics: What's metadata and what's its value; a walk through the Minnesota guidelines; MME metadata entry tool; how to make metadata easier.  Updated 5/14
  • Federal materials: Educational materials tailored to the federal metadata content standard

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