Proposed Parcel Data Transfer Standard for Minnesota, v.2 - Public Review

The proposed parcel data transfer standard establishes a common set of attributes and field definitions to encourage sharing and aggregation of geospatial parcel (cadastral) data. The standard is for data transfer only; it does not define how data producers should capture or store their parcel data.

  • The standard is modeled on the MetroGIS Regional Parcel Dataset specifications
  • Only state agencies would be required to provide data in this standard format upon request
  • All other organizations, including county government, would be encouraged, but not required, to use the standard when transferring data

The standard was drafted by the Parcels and Land Records Committee, with significant input from its county members and other interested organizations.

Proposed Standard, Public Review Comments, Next Steps

  • Draft standard (5 p., 334K, PDF)
  • Public review comments received during the 90-day review period:  10/24/16 - 1/20/17
  • Next steps:  The Parcels and Land Records Committee and the Standards Committee are reviewing all comments and will edit the proposed standard as needed. Their responses to the comments will be posted on this webpage. If all comments can be addressed satisfactorily, the Standards Committee will initiate a request to have the edited standard be considered for approval as a Minnesota State Geospatial Standard.


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