Improving services statewide through the coordinated, affordable, reliable and effective use of GIS.


GIS Data and Maps

MnGeo offers GIS data, maps and web map services to the public and promotes an enterprise-wide approach to delivery of GIS resources by our partners.


MnGeo coordinates the development, implementation, support and use of geospatial technology. We are advised by an advisory council, committees and workgroups representing stakeholders within state government and around the state.
  • Communication and Outreach - Promote active communication among state agencies, between the state and other units of government, and among non-government stakeholders.
  • Data Coordination - Guide data investments, develop and promote data standards, and coordinate data management and distribution.
  • Technical Coordination - Coordinate the State's technology investments, develop and promote technology standards, facilitate resource sharing, and coordinate and manage enterprise licensing.

Technical Support

MnGeo offers guidance, training, and consulting to agencies needing extra help to improve their services by implementing GIS.
  • Guidance - Need advice about taking advantage of GIS? We'll get you started in the right direction.
  • Training - MnGeo can help you identify your GIS training needs and connect you with training opportunities offered by us, other agencies, and our partners.
  • Project Services - MnGeo's experienced staff is available to help agencies meet special project needs without hiring permanent staff.

GIS at Work

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