Metadata Workgroup

The MnGeo Standards Committee formed a Metadata Workgroup whose purpose is to:

  • Recommend methods for creating and editing metadata that are compatible with ArcGIS 10. 
  • Recommend a metadata format for web services.
  • Recommend changes to the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines by evaluating new international standards.

Workgroup Chair

Nancy Rader, MnGeo, 651-201-2489,

Charter, Project Plan, Current Activities

  • Status report: Nov. 2012
  • Current activities:
    • Support the use of metadata in the Minnesota Geospatial Commons
    • Make changes as needed to the standalone Minnesota Metadata Editor (MME)

      The workgroup customized the EPA Metadata Editor v.3.1.1 to match the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines (MGMG1.2). MME is a standalone since the ArcGIS10 metadata environment is currently too changeable.
    • On-hold:  Finalize a draft crosswalk between MGMG1.2 and the North American Profile of the international metadata standard. Most elements translate smoothly; however, the workgroup has flagged a number of issues that will need to be resolved before it can recommend an updated version of MGMG for public review. The issues include which elements are needed to describe a web service.
  • Metadata Workgroup Charter, 4/29/11 (5 p., 115K, PDF)
    Describes why the project is needed, the goals and deliverables, and who is involved with the workgroup.
  • Project Plan, 5/13/11 (5 p. 384K, PDF)

Meeting Agendas and Notes

  • Meeting materials:  Click on an entry in the list below to view the agenda or notes for that meeting (PDF format).

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