Metadata Workgroup

The MnGeo Standards Committee formed a Metadata Workgroup whose purpose is to:

  • Recommend methods for creating and editing metadata that are compatible with ArcGIS 10. 
  • Recommend a metadata format for web services.
  • Recommend changes to the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines by evaluating new international standards.

Workgroup Chair

Nancy Rader, MnGeo, 651-201-2489,

Charter, Project Plan, Current Activities

  • Status report: Nov. 2012
  • Current activities:
    • Support the use of metadata in the Minnesota Geospatial Commons
    • Make changes as needed to the standalone Minnesota Metadata Editor (MME)

      The workgroup customized the EPA Metadata Editor v.3.1.1 to match the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines (MGMG1.2). MME is a standalone since the ArcGIS10 metadata environment is currently too changeable.
    • On-hold:  Finalize a draft crosswalk between MGMG1.2 and the North American Profile of the international metadata standard. Most elements translate smoothly; however, the workgroup has flagged a number of issues that will need to be resolved before it can recommend an updated version of MGMG for public review. The issues include which elements are needed to describe a web service.
  • Metadata Workgroup Charter, 4/29/11 (5 p., 115K, PDF)
    Describes why the project is needed, the goals and deliverables, and who is involved with the workgroup.
  • Project Plan, 5/13/11 (5 p. 384K, PDF)

Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Notes

  • Calendar: Check the calendar for the date, time and location of the next workgroup meeting.  If none is listed in the next month or two, check directly with the workgroup chair.  All meetings are open to the public and visitors are always welcome.
  • Meeting materials:  Click on an entry in the list below to view the agenda or notes for that meeting (PDF format).

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