Educational Information for Minnesota Geology

This page covers descriptive information about Minnesota geology and standards for geologic mapping.


  • Educational Materials from the Minnesota Geological Survey
    • Minnesota At-a-Glance series
      Descriptions of various aspects of Minnesota's geology, usually 4-6 pages, in PDF format.
      • Quaternary Glacial Geology
      • Mapping Subsurface Sedimentary Rocks
      • Fossil Collecting in the Twin Cities area
      • Caves in Minnesota
      • Precambrian Geology
      • Earthquakes in Minnesota
      • Geologic Time
      • Ancient tropical seas—Paleozoic history of Southeastern Minnesota
      • Common Minnesota Rocks
    • Geology of Minnesota: A Guide for Teachers (38 p., 7 MB, PDF)
      This book provides current understanding of the geology of Minnesota to Earth Science teachers and others who have some background in geology. It is a collective effort with the Land and Minerals Division of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
    • The Virtual Egg Carton
      Major rock types of Minnesota.
    • Current Publications
      Detailed list of all Minnesota Geological Survey publications (with maps and links).
  • Educational Resources from the Division of Lands and Minerals
    Numerous handbooks, factsheets, and workshop materials covering Minnesota's minerals, reclamation of sand and gravel pits and minelands, ownership and legal issues, and recreational geology.
  • Minnesota Geology
    Minnesota Geological Survey links to various geologic topics of Minnesota.


  • U. S. Geological Survey Geology Research and Information
    Provides information and links to fundamental geochemical and geophysical data around the world such as geologic hazards and disasters, climate variability and change, energy and mineral resources, ecosystem and human health, and ground-water availability.
  • Association of American State Geologists
    The Association represents the State Geologists of the United States and Puerto Rico and provides fact sheets as well as links to geological surveys in other states.


Geologic Mapping Standards


Geographic Data Clearinghouse