Contour and Point Elevation Data for Minnesota

Elevation contours are lines of consistent elevation.

For printed maps and graphics showing contour lines, see the Topographic Maps section.

For bathymetry (water depth) data, see the Surface Water - Lakes webpage.

Contour Data


Twin Cities Metro Area

Other Counties and Cities

County Name Free Online Viewer Purchase Data Map Documentation
Carver 10' contours 2' or 10' contours   metadata
Crow Wing   DEM and 2' contours    
Dakota 10' contours 2' contours   metadata
Goodhue   2' contours    
McLeod 10' contours 1' contours    
Ramsey 10' contours 2' contours   metadata
Scott 2' contours 2' contours 10' contours  
Wright   5' contours    
City Name        
City of St. Paul   1' contours   metadata


Point Data

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Information Source Abbreviations:

    DNR: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    Met Council: Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities
    MnGeo: Minnesota Geospatial Information Office
    USGS: United States Geological Survey


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