General Information About Minnesota Elevation Data

Inventories: Find Existing or Planned Data

  • NDEP Project Tracking (USGS)
    Use interactive map of U.S. to search and input information on federal elevation projects by location, progress, agency, time period, surface mapped, and collection method.

Committees and Programs

  • Minnesota's Digital Elevation Committee and LiDAR Research and Education Subcommittee
    This committee and subcommittee work to promote the creation of statewide digital elevation data that is consistently accurate and available to the public.
  • 3D Elevation Program Initiative (3DEP) (U.S. Geological Survey)
    The primary goal of 3DEP is to systematically collect enhanced elevation data over the United States and the U.S. territories.
  • National Digital Elevation Program (NDEP) (various federal agencies)
    The National Digital Elevation Program (NDEP) was established to promote the exchange of accurate digital land elevation data among government, private, and non-profit sectors and the academic community and to establish standards and guidance that will benefit all users. This website includes an FAQ, Fact Sheet, Glossary and a Project Tracking interactive mapping application.



Information Source Abbreviations:

    IWI: International Water Institute
    MnGeo: Minnesota Geospatial Information Office
    USGS: United States Geological Survey

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