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Quick Start:  Compare Land Use/Cover GIS Data Sources for Minnesota

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Data set
Geographic area Time period Scale / Resolution Classification system Data type
National Land Cover
U.S. Geological Survey and partners
Minnesota 2011, 2006, 2001 (UTM)
nationwide (Albers)
2011; 2006; 2001;
1992; change between '92-'01
30 meter 21 classes
2011; 200620011992;
change between 92-01;
(compare to Anderson system)
USGS, MN Dept. of Natural Resources
nationwide 1991-95 30 meter 4 levels of detail (see Appendices A & B) raster, vector
Level 2 Landcover Classification (Landsat/LiDAR)
U of M
statewide 2013 15 meter 11 classes raster
Level 1 Landsat Landcover Classification
U of M
statewide 2000 30 meter 7 classes raster
1990s Census of the Land
MN DNR and others
statewide 1989-96 30 meter 8 classes raster
National Resources Inventory
Natural Resources Conservation Service
nationwide 2012; 2010; 2007; 1997 N/A data design and glossary point (interpolated to surrounding areas)
Cropland Data Layer
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Minnesota (search for "cropland")
2008-2010; several earlier years 56 meters classes in Minnesota raster
Land Use Land Cover
nationwide 1970s and 80s 1:250,000 21 classes raster, vector
1969 Land Use
Land Management Information Center
statewide 1968-9 40 acre 9 classes raster, vector
Coastal Change Analysis Program NE Minnesota (see map) 2010; 2006; 2001; 1996; 1985 30 meter up to 25 classes raster
Agricultural and transition areas
International Coalition
63 counties 1988-90 1:24,000 17 classes vector
Forested areas
Manitoba Remote Sensing Centre
14 counties 1991-6 30 meter 16 classes raster, vector
Land Cover
Twin Cities
- Duluth
- Rochester
U of M
7 Twin Cities metro counties;
2015 1-meter 12 classes raster
Twin Cities metro
Metropolitan Council
7 counties planned land use varies varies by county vector
7 counties 2000; 2005; 2010 varies 22 classes vector
7 counties 1984; 1990; 1997 varies 16 classes vector
Twin Cities Metro Hybrid Land Cover 2000
MN DNR, U of M
7 counties 2000 30 meter

20 classes

MN Land Cover Classification System
MN DNR and partners
- Most of the Twin Cities metro and scattered areas surrounding the metro
- Olmsted County
See status maps
1999-2003 1 acre (natural vegetation);
2 acres (artifiicial cover)
- 5 hierarchical levels
- see details (PDF)
Beltrami, Clearwater Counties
Bemidji State University, county Soil and Water Conservation Districts
2 counties 1986 2.5 acre
(100 meter)
15 classes raster
Camp Ripley, Beltrami Island State Forest
Parts of Morrison and Roseau counties 1992-96 30 meters 15 classes raster
MN County Biological Survey Native Plant Communities
See status map 1986-ongoing 1:24,000 detailed key (PDF) vector
Voyageurs National Park
National Park Service
Park and environs in northern St. Louis County 1996-2006 1.2 acre minimum mapping unit (.25 acre for small island) classes vector

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