LiDAR Research and Education Subcommittee

The subcommittee is being re-evaluated.

This subcommittee of the Minnesota Digital Elevation Committee works to design and promote best practices with LiDAR data, LiDAR-derived products and LiDAR training statewide. This design and oversight will ensure there is consistency in data development and application for all users.

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Subcommittee membership

Meeting schedule

Subcommittee meetings are held via WebEx technology. For more information, check directly with the subcommittee chair.

Committee meeting minutes

Click on a meeting date to view the minutes for that meeting (minutes are in PDF format).

Related links

  • MnTOPO:  A web application for viewing, printing and downloading high-resolution elevation data for Minnesota collected using LiDAR technology
  • LiDAR info and download page for Minnesota LiDAR data and derived products, including links to education and training resources and to the LiDAR Forum, an online discussion forum providing technical support for Minnesota LiDAR users.
  • Conservation Applications of LiDAR:  Training materials developed as part of a project funded by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources)
  • Minnesota Elevation Mapping Project:  LiDAR data collection project, 2010-2012
  • Uses of LiDAR data in Minnesota for protecting water quality (more examples for other topical areas will follow)
  • Interim Guidance on Acquisition of Culvert Data (8/26/11):  These guidelines are intended to improve the collection, sharing and exchange of information about the location and attributes of culverts in Minnesota. Culvert data is used to modify LiDAR-derived DEMs so that models of water flow across the landscape can correctly route water through culverts and thus under roads and bridges. Comments on the guidelines are welcome; please send to Sean Vaughn.

  • Hydrographic Position Index Technical ReportCombining LiDAR-derived DEM analysis, raster classification and color symbology for pseudo-3D terrain visualization to enhance hydrography interpretation on the DEM landscape, 10/7/2015 (draft)
  • Red River Basin LiDAR-derived Products: Overview of available products and those in development, 7/15/13 (PDF)
  • LiDAR Education Survey results:  These findings from a June 2011 survey are helping the Subcommittee understand the types of training that Minnesota resource professionals need to facilitate their use of elevation data collected using LiDAR technology.
  • Glossary of LiDAR-related Terms  Last updated 8/9/12

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